Tasmania is home to an incredible variety of animals, including four marsupial species that are now found nowhere else in the world. These are the Tasmanian devil, the Eastern quoll, the Tasmanian pademelon and the shy Tasmanian bettong. There are also 12 endemic bird species in the state, some of which are among the most endangered in the world.

Over the last 200 years Australia has recorded the world’s fastest rate of mammal extinctions, and other species are increasingly at risk of joining this trend.

For the creatures that are now making their last stand in Tasmania, Bonorong is determined to do all it can to prevent them disappearing.

As a result we have established, are participating in, or are planning the following initiatives:

  • Established Tasmania’s first 24-hour Wildlife Rescue Program
  • Established Tasmania’s only seabird rehabilitation enclosure with a saltwater pool
  • Established a quarantine facility and breeding program for the almost-unknown Tasmanian Tree Frog
  • Established camera-trap monitoring of carnivorous marsupial populations (Tasmanian devils, eastern quolls and spotted-tail quolls) in the remote Tarkine Wilderness
  • Participation in the national captive breeding program for the endangered Tasmanian devil
  • Building Tasmania’s first Wildlife Veterinary Hospital

For injured or orphaned wildlife, call 0447 264 625 any time of the day or night.