Whether you’ve come across the world or you’re just down the road - welcome to Bonorong!

Bonorong is a sanctuary for wildlife run by a passionate team of like-minded people. We're a social enterprise: a little business with a biiiig heart. The skills and funds generated through the sanctuary allow us to proactively address problems in our surrounding environment and communities.

A visit to Bonorong is a chance to come closer than ever to something wild and fragile. You’ll come face to face with animals that went extinct long ago in other parts Australia -- the same animals we’re working hard to protect now.

By walking through our old wooden gate you’ll become part of something special - everything we do, we do with your help.

From all of us here at Bonorong (four feet, two feet and no feet), we look forward to seeing you soon!


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  • A day with “Chief Wombat Cuddler” Linda Tabone
    A day with “Chief Wombat Cuddler” Linda Tabone
    We’re standing in kitchen of Linda Tabone: Bonorong’s very own “Chief Wombat Cuddler”, as she prepares afternoon meals for two wombats in her care. After seeing all the fuss about Derek the Wombat from Flinders Island and the resulting competition to become a “Chief Wombat Cuddler”, we wanted to see what being a wombat carer is really all about. “I always wanted to be a wildlife carer,” Linda says. […]...
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  • Bonorong Wildlife Rescue Impact Update - Quarter 1 2016
    Bonorong Wildlife Rescue Impact Update – Quarter 1 2016
    Q: What does an antechinus, a platypus and a Tasmanian devil have in common? A: They were all animals helped thanks to our wildlife rescue hotline and dedicated volunteers, along with a staggering 1751 other animals in the first three months of 2016. Bonorong Wildlife Rescue is a 24 hour, 7 day a week wildlife rescue service, run with the assistance of trained community volunteers and funds from Bonorong […]...
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  • Citizen Science: Help create Australia's first feather map
    Citizen Science: Help create Australia’s first feather map
    Love birds and wetlands? You can help The Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) and the University of NSW (UNSW) with their citizen science project: the Feather Map of Australia. The aim of the initiative is to understand and improve the health of wetlands and wetland birds across Australia by collecting feathers that have been dropped by birds. (Yes – you do need to leave any feathers ON birds attached to […]...
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  • Bonorong at events
    Bonorong at events
    Ranger Bob sure gets around — not only does he spread the wildlife message at schools, you’ll also see him out at events! As the summer market season came to an end, we were happy to attend the Hobart Twilight Markets, the Ellendale Markets and the 100 Years of Parks Parliament Lawns event. Winter doesn’t mean torpor for Ranger Bob, so keep an eye out for his friendly face […]...
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