As an island state, our coastlines support a rich variety of seabirds. Unfortunately these birds run into trouble from time to time, including entanglement in fishing line and debris, malnourishment, and attacks by dogs and cats.

It came to our attention in 2010 that there was only one seabird carer in Tasmania and that she was not able to cope with the numbers of birds requiring care. To help, Bonorong established Tasmania’s first seabird rehabilitation facility.

A key component and first in the state is the large seawater pool, crucial for the successful rehabilitation of a number of species such as penguins that require re-waterproofing and albatross that require “aqua-aerobics” for strengthening before they can be released.

Watch the video below to see the opening of our new penguin rehab pool!

For injured or orphaned wildlife, call 0447 264 625 any time of the day or night.