Can I volunteer or do work experience at Bonorong?
Bonorong is dedicated to providing opportunities and guidance to people wanting to join the animal-care industry. While we are unable to take work experience students, we do offer nationally-accredited courses and an internship onsite at Bonorong. We do accept volunteers at Bonorong from time to time who can help with essential tasks like raking and gardening or on specific working-bee days.
I am interested in caring for wildlife. How do I go about this?
Tasmania (and the rest of Australia!) is always in need of passionate, dedicated people to help care for wildlife. The carer’s network is managed wholly by the State Government, but we’d be happy to provide you with more information.  Please contact us so we can send you an information pack.
I am interested in joining the Bonorong Wildlife Rescue Program. How do I go about this?
Fantastic! The Wildlife Rescue Program is a tremendous initiative and a very rewarding program to be a part of.

It is a requirement that every rescuer attends a training session before participating in wildlife rescues, transportation and other aspects of the program. This is to ensure the safety of the animals as well as the rescuers.

Training sessions are scheduled every two months and run for approximately 6 hours.

The training is free of charge, and there is no obligation to join our rescue service.

See our current training dates and find out more information.

I brought an injured animal to Bonorong. How can I find out how it is going?
The Wildlife Rescue Program receives thousands of calls about injured and orphaned animals each year. Although we log each and every animal that is called in, sometimes these animals need to be sent to vets or wildlife carers for further treatment and it is difficult to track what happens to them once they leave us.

Feel free to contact us if you have a particular animal that you would like to enquire about, but please be aware we may not have all the information that you are after.

I would like to make a donation. How do I go about this? What will my donation go towards?

Thank you! The Sanctuary and Wildlife Rescue Service is funded entirely by your admission fees and donations. Every little contribution plays a direct role in protecting and conserving Tasmania’s amazing wildlife. Without the support of our fantastic visitors and supporters our work would not be possible.

More information on how to donate can be found on our ‘donate’ page.

Your donation will help support a range of activities, including:

I’m arriving in Hobart on a cruise ship. Can you tell me how to organise transport to Bonorong?
When cruise ships are in port, there are shuttle buses that come directly out to Bonorong from the Travel & Information Centre on Davey Street (800m from the cruise terminal).

We recommend using one of these as the public buses are not direct and take quite a long time.

The shuttle buses can sell out on the day so we advise you pre-booking via www.hobarttravelcentre.com.au. Most of the shuttle companies do not include entry to the Sanctuary but you can pay this when you arrive at the front entrance.

For groups, private tour buses can also be chartered on the day. Provision for this is made outside the cruise terminal on Hunter Street where accredited operators gather and you can negotiate a trip to Bonorong with them.

Is there any public transport to Bonorong?
The public bus network can be used to travel from Hobart CBD to the town of Brighton, which is located 1.5 kilometres from the Sanctuary. From Brighton, visitors can taxi or walk to Bonorong. We recommend using the MetroTas Trip Planner for more information.
Are you open on public holidays?
We are open every day of the year, 9am to 5pm. This usually includes Christmas Day but it is best to contact us and check just in case.
Is it possible to book a ticket online?
Yes, all our behind-the-scenes tours can be booked online and we are hoping to offer general admission tickets via our website very soon.
Do you provide gift vouchers?
Yes, we can provide gift vouchers for any of the following:

  • General admission
  • Behind-the-scenes tours
  • Purchases in the gift shop
  • Annual Pass memberships

To organise a gift voucher please contact us.

How long will it take me to see all the animals at Bonorong?
Most guests will be able to see the Sanctuary in about an hour. However, visitors with mobility issues or those wishing to see the park in more depth should allow more time.

If you would like to join one of our daily public tours please allow an additional 45 minutes.

Can I hold or touch the animals?
Due to important animal welfare regulations it is not possible for visitors to hold the animals.
However if you join one of our daily public tours you may be able to pat a koala and a wombat, depending on whether the animal is in a good mood!

Those booking a behind-the-scenes tour will have the opportunity to see many more animals up-close and learn about them in more depth.

Will I be able to feed the animals?
Upon entry to the Sanctuary you will be given a complimentary bag of food for the kangaroos. They will love meeting you, eating out of your hand and being given a good scratch on the chest!
However we ask that you do not feed anything else to the animals, as some of our human food can be harmful to wildlife. We are trying to keep a careful eye on their diet in order to keep them healthy.
If I book a behind-the-scenes tour do I need to pay the regular admission price as well?
No, if you have booked a behind-the-scenes tour your admission fee is included in the tour price.
What is the difference between the Night Tour, the Private Premium Night Tour and the Feeding Frenzy?
All of these tours give an up-close-and-personal experience and allow guests to go inside many of the enclosures to feed the animals a snack.

Feeding Frenzy tours meet the animals during daylight hours while the Night Tour and the Private Premium Night Tour explore the Sanctuary once the gates have closed and all other guests have left. Spending time hand feeding and scratching the kangaroos as the sun sets over the valley below is a magic experience and perfect introduction.

The Night Tour and Feeding Frenzy are group tours of up to 6 people (larger groups can be accommodated) while the Private Premium Night Tour is an exclusive tour with a personal guide.

The Private Premium Night Tour is also a little longer, offers guests a glass of bubbly, allows a little longer with the devils, and gives a sneak peek at the conservation programs being run by Bonorong.

As many of our native animals are nocturnal, they may be a little more active and easy to see during the Night Tour and the Private Premium Night Tour. This includes the bettongs, potoroos, quolls and sugar gliders. However, the offer of a tasty treat will usually entice these animals to come out and say hello regardless of the time of day!

Do I have to pay to take photos of the animals?
No, we do not charge for photographs of any of the animals.
 What is parking like at Bonorong? Is there enough room for my campervan/motorhome/RV?
The car park can accommodate up to 60 vehicles, with additional area for overflow parking.

While there are no designated parking spaces for campervans, motorhomes and RVs, we usually always have space for them. Ask one of the friendly staff when you arrive if you are unsure where to park.

 Do you have a café?
Our gift shop is stocked with a selection of snacks, cookies and hot and cold drinks.

We have also recently opened our Food Hut, which is very exciting! During winter our Food Hut will be serving delicious vegan, vegetarian and environmentally friendly food from 12pm til 2pm daily, with extended opening hours in summer.

Am I able to bring a picnic into the Sanctuary?
Yes of course! There are several picnic tables scattered throughout the Sanctuary for guest use.

There is also a BBQ and sheltered seating area that can be booked free of charge. Bookings for this space operate on a ‘first-in-first-served’ basis so please contact us to enquire about availability.

If you bring food into the Sanctuary please ensure that you place all litter and unwanted food scraps into the bins provided to prevent our animals from eating them. Some of our human food can be harmful to wildlife and make them ill. For the same reason we ask that you do not feed your food to the animals during your visit.

If you would like to hand feed the kangaroos, complimentary roo food will be provided upon entry to the Sanctuary and more can be purchased from the gift shop.

Do you provide baby change facilities?
Yes, we have a baby change table.
Is there good wheelchair access in the Sanctuary?
Approximately 50% of the Sanctuary, including the route taken on the public tour, is flat and accessible to guests in wheelchairs. However, there are several sections of other paths that feature steps or inclines, making it difficult for some guests to navigate. For this reason, Bonorong provides free entry to guests in wheelchairs as well as those that hold companion cards.

A wheelchair-friendly bathroom is also available.

Can I bring my seeing-eye dog to Bonorong?
Although we try to do our best to cater for all our visitors, it is unfortunately not possible for seeing-eye dogs to be brought to Bonorong. Allowing dogs (however well behaved!) near the free-ranging kangaroos in the Sanctuary could frighten the mob and risk the safety of visitors, staff and animals.
Do you have drinking water available?
Yes, we have drinking water for sale in the gift shop as well as from designated taps throughout the Sanctuary.
 What sort of activities do you provide for children?
We sometimes hold kids activity days during the school holidays. Sign up to our newsletter to find out when these are announced.

Children that join the daily public tours may be given the opportunity to pat a koala and a wombat, and ask the keeper questions about the animals.

Visiting school groups receive a personalised tour designed to meet their needs and address particular topics that they are studying.

Do you host children’s birthday parties?
Yes, we have a covered seating area with BBQ that can be reserved for private parties. There is no charge for the use of this area but we do require reservations to be made in advance. To make a booking, please contact us.
I’m looking for accommodation and good restaurants in Hobart. Do you have any recommendations?
There are plenty of excellent hotels and restaurants in Hobart to choose from – we recommend jumping on TripAdvisor or visiting InnKeepers or Discover Tasmania to find one that suits you.
Do you have a newsletter or mailing list that I can join?
Yes! You’ll find the sign up form on our home page and on our contact page.

For injured or orphaned wildlife, call 0447 264 625 any time of the day or night.