Go crazy wildlife fans!  It’s feeding time at the sanctuary and we want to help you to get up close to as many different animals as possible in two and a half hours. This exclusive tour will give you your own personal guide who will introduce you to a whole new world of feathered, furry and scaled friends.

What you’ll do

⋅ Feed the wombats their daily snacks
⋅ Give the cockatoos their sometimes wriggly treats
⋅ Hook the Tassie devil onto its snack & start a game of tug of war!
⋅ Meet our two unique species of quoll and spot their differences
⋅ Feed the spotted-tailed quoll their meaty delight
⋅ Watch the amusing rainbow lorikeets devour their grapes
⋅ Feed fresh eucalyptus to the koalas whilst stroking their thick, woolly fur
⋅ Hand-feed the tawny frogmouth bird and watch them swallow their food whole
⋅ Entice the albino possum out with his favourite treats
⋅ Be brave and hand-feed the emus
⋅ Spot the secretive and little known Tasmanian bettong in their grassy nests
⋅ See the sweet-toothed sugar gliders come out for their dessert, and…
⋅ Pluck up the courage to stroke a blue-tongued lizard



Everything you need to know:

Tour duration:  2.5 hours

Time:  Two sessions available, starting at 10:00am and 1:30pm


Adults $149.00, Children (3-15 years) $49.00

* Minimum 1 adult and 1 child to guarantee tour (or equivalent in fees)
* Large groups can be accommodated on this tour. Please contact us to make a booking for groups with 7 or more people.

Transport:  Don’t have a car? No worries. Our local guides can be arranged for transport at a cost of between $130.00 to $160.00 dollars return trip from Hobart.

* Please contact us first if you require transport.

TO BOOK:  Contact our office