Friends of carers, friends of critters and free of charge

Bonorong operates Tasmania’s only 24hr wildlife rescue service. This innovative programme provides safety and care to thousands of animals every year.

We operate with the assistance of more than 1000 trained community rescuers and the devotion of hundreds of wildlife carers, all of whom donate considerable time, money and energy to helping wildlife in need.

Please do not hesitate to call if you need help or find an animal who does. We can advise temporary care, assist in finding the nearest help for you and often we will have a rescuer close by who can provide assistance and transport for the animal. If later than 11pm PLEASE keep ringing to wake us up – we work very hard all day and sometimes require a couple of calls!

If you find orphaned wildlife

  • Keep the animal WARM
  • Keep the animal  DARK
  • Keep the animal QUIET
  • Do not feed it anything
  • Call us straight away for advice - 03 62681184

The first few steps when you find injured or orphaned wildlife must always be the same.  They are all based around relieving stress!  Stress is a powerful killer and must be dealt with straight away.  You are the frontline for this procedure as you will have the animal at its most stressed time.

Consider keeping some simple items in your car such as a torch, gloves, pillow case, towel, beanie, and sturdy box to help if you do find wildlife.  Having these items will make relieving stress a lot easier.

Please remember that this is done voluntarily and we will ALWAYS do the very best we can, but we need your help too! We receive no funding for our help with orphan and injured and we receive hundreds of phone calls a year. We love helping every single one of these phone calls and the guaranteed help for individual animals is a group effort between those who have found the animals, Bonorong, vets and our amazing system of extremely dedicated wildlife carers around Tasmania. You too are a vital part of this help chain!

Together we can make a difference!

If you would like to assist in helping rehabilitate our orphaned and injured wildlife, please check out our volunteer wildlife rescuer program.