Bonorong Wildlife Rescue is Tasmania’s first community-run wildlife assistance service, designed to help our devoted wildlife carers and all the many native animals in need. The beauty of this program is that it is run by the community.

At present in Tasmania we are the roadkill capital of the world. Over 500,000 animals were killed on our roads last year. Help is desperately needed.

We run free training for interested members of the community on very basic wildlife rescue, transport and temporary care in order to have a database of names of people all around the state that can be on call to help. These are people who can get to an animal in need quickly and follow the right first aid steps in order to maximise chances of survival for individual animals and relieve often hideous pain and stress.

No obligation, but plenty of opportunities to be involved

Once you have completed the two hour training, you go onto our contact list (if you are up for it). We will then send you a text message when there is an animal nearby in need. You are under no obligation to respond to any particular rescue situation, but if you have the time, then it’s first in best dressed!

We are also looking for people who can help with;

· Property suitable for release enclosures/halfway houses
· The building and maintenance of release enclosures
· Assistance for carers with their enclosures
· Sourcing and making animal pouches and blankets
· Making nest /possum boxes

The program is not limited to these things, they are just the beginning. We in fact want to get people helping out in any way they can. On top of these things there are so many “gaps” that can be filled by individuals to make wildlife rescue, rehabilitation and release so much easier for all involved. At present it is done solely by wildlife carers. These amazing people dedicate their entire lives to looking after animals that have come into their care due to incidents we all share a part in.

Now is the time to be part of the solution

Everyone can be involved. We are encouraging kids to get involved with parents and learn how they can help too. We want to give everyone a way to help the wildlife they care about so much, so please…

Join Now!

Contact Bonorong on (03) 62 681184