With over 900 hundred tours run a year at Bonorong, our experience in delivering empowering wildlife experience to  large tour groups like overseas visitors, local and school groups is unparalleled. All these groups are are eligible for discount entry. When your group arrives they will be greeted and taken on a personalised tour of some of our favourite species.  Free kangaroo food for all in the group is included with your discount entry.

Tour Companies/Groups/Club Visits.

We provide a perfect excursion no matter what your club or group may be.  From seniors clubs to a group of travelling mates, medium to large size groups will receive a personal tour of the wombats, Tasmanian devils and koalas, as well as discount entry with all the benefits.  Bookings are essential for a personal tour though, so please ring and enquire!

Children’s school tours and vacation care excursions.

We see education as our most important job. We run over seventy school tours a year.  Tours are tailored to the age group and are designed to leave kids passionate and excited about helping our native wildlife. We give practical advice and open many doors for future study when back at school.  From kindergarten to year twelve, we have had many years experience and know exactly how to teach any age group. Bookings essential!

Study/educational groups.

Every year we run tours for educational groups from life science year twelve classes and university zoology groups, to interpretation courses and ESL classes.  If a group is studying a certain topic we can tailor the experience to that very topic.  Study groups too are eligible for discount entry and personal tours with all the benefits.

Please contact us for more information or to arrange a tour.