Bonorong is working towards the creation of Tasmania’s first fully-dedicated wildlife veterinary clinic to provide care to the hundreds of animals we rescue each year.

The sad truth

  • Native animals left suffering on the roadside is a confronting ethical issue for the community.
  • Normal veterinary clinics do not have the knowledge to properly treat native animals, nor do they have the proper facilities. You cannot put a native animal in a cage next to or anywhere near domestic animals such as dogs and cats. Native animals die from stress very quickly.
  • To properly assess injuries you must have the proper facility.
  • Carers are currently paying for all animal treatment out of their own pocket including special formula milks, medications, surgeries, pouches, heat pads, enclosures etc.
  • Vets are not trained to identify and treat native wildlife. They try their best but we often have native animals come from vets that have been identified as the wrong species.
  • Animals die due to this lack of knowledge.

The solution

Bonorong is building Tasmania’s first ever wildlife vet hospital, which will be free for all wildlife and staffed by a full-time vet. We are currently raising funds for the project and we are very close to reaching our target and building this vital facility. This project is a true community effort and has been based on the generosity of a huge number of donors and supporters.

If you would like to contribute, please contact Bonorong on 62 68 11 84 or