You’ve made it! Tasmania. The last place on Earth. Next stop Antarctica. Congratulations!
You may have come across the world to be with us, or you may live just down the road. Humans get around a lot don’t we? We are lucky to be able to go almost anywhere we choose.
Maybe luckier than we know…
For many of the animals you will meet today, Tasmania actually is the last place on Earth.
Some of these species have never existed anywhere else. For others, Tasmania is a last refuge. They are the survivors of legions that once spanned a continent. Now, this little arc bobbing on the Southern Ocean is all they have left.
That’s why we are here – to look after this special island. But we can’t do it on our own.
We need you…
You may not know it but just by walking through our gate you become part of something special.

When these animals were hurt – you were there to rescue them.
When they needed feeding – you were there, bottle in hand.
When they needed a mother – you were there to comfort them.
And when they are ready to go back to the wild – you’ll be there too.

Everything we do, we do with your help.
You won’t know just how very welcome you are until you have met some of our animals and heard their stories of survival.
From all of us here at Bonorong (two, four and no feet),



Nothing makes us happier than introducing guests to our special animals. Nothing, that is, except seeing them go back to the wild. We operate Tasmania’s 24hr rescue service. Our army of hundreds of volunteers brings aid to thousands of suffering animals every year.

The service is funded entirely by our entry fees. Meaning every time we rescue an animal it is because someone like you came through our gate.

Bonorong is not a zoo. Our aim is to get our animals back to the wild. All of them undergo meticulous assessment to ensure they are happy and healthy. We will never compromise on this.

At Bonorong you will meet animals that are extinct everywhere except our island refuge.

Every single one of our animals has a story to tell. You will be amazed by how relaxed they are around people. We ensure they are comfortable with their keepers and visitors, without compromising their release prospects.

Our ever-changing menagerie of survivors includes wombats, devils, quolls, native birds, possums, koalas, lizards, snakes and emus.

Our Tasmanian devil breeding programme is boosting the population of this endangered species. We focus on teaching you about ways we can all help to save this remarkable animal.



Our story is about passion (possibly tinged with obsession). As a seven-year-old, Greg Irons came to Bonorong for a birthday party and told his mum: “I’m going to own this place one day!”

He came to work at the park as a young wildlife keeper and quickly worked his way through the ranks to become manager. By twenty-seven years old he had achieved his dream of owning the business when the owners decided to pass the baton on to him.

For Greg the park is a means to save Tasmania’s fragile wildlife and ecology. Since he arrived, Bonorong has changed from a traditional, three-decade-old wildlife park to an innovative and active wildlife sanctuary. The sanctuary is focused on giving back to the Tasmanian environment, rather than simply being a showcase.


Bonorong is a social enterprise – a little business with a biiiiiig heart. We run a successful tourism enterprise which provides eco-education and experiences for 30 000 guests each year.  Our skills and the money generated through the sanctuary allow us to proactively address problem areas in our surrounding environment and communities.

Part of our mission is to facilitate community solutions to community problems.  Bonorong is an open house and we try to provide pathways for all Tasmanians to become involved in conserving our unique natural heritage.  At the heart of this is a belief that in the same way as an individual can devote their existence to doing good, so too can a business.